Nicki Minaj Perfume

Nicki Minaj has released her first celebrity perfume called Pink Friday. This was followed up with Pink Friday Special Edition. The third Nicki Minaj perfume is Minajesty. The Nicki Minaj perfume bottles are just as eccentric as the celebrity herself.

Pink Friday

  • Top Notes of star fruit, mandarin and boysenberry
  • Middle Notes of lotus and jasmine
  • Base Notes of caramelized pear, vanilla, musk and woody notes

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume

Pink Friday Special Edition

  • Top Notes of grapefruit, apple and raspberry
  • Middle Notes of water lily, honeysuckle and jasmine
  • Base Notes of pear, caramel and musk

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Special Edition


  • Top Notes of peach, red currant and lemon
  • Middle Notes of Magnolia, pink frangipani and tiger orchid
  • Base Notes of tonka, vanilla and musk

Nicki Minaj Minajesty Perfume

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