Selena Gomez Perfume Review

Selena Gomez Perfume

The Selena Gomez perfume is pure sugar joy. It is sweet and fruity in a sugary bubblegum kind of way.

I think they just have been on a sugar high when they designed the quirky perfume bottle. The bottle is really tall and looks like a purple evening gown and then its got this weird cap that sprouts a bouquet of gold and purple lips. I guess the lips are inspired by Selena’s own lips which are one of her best features. Selena Gomez has beautiful lips but the lips on the bottle aren’t as full and impressive as the real deal.

Selena Gomez let her fans vote for the fragrance notes. From top notes of apple, raspberry and melon the fans chose raspberry. From a selection of Purple Freesia or Pink Jasmine as the middle note the fans voted for purple freesia and with a choice of vanilla or coconut in the base, the fans picked vanilla.

Selena Gomez is only 20 years old. She has starred in number of childrens movies and until just this week was Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. She is young and has a very young fan base and the Selena Gomez fragrance is a great perfume for girls.

The perfume is very sweet and fruity to begin with and then develops a clean soapy smell like shampoo. The freesia floral note is not very strong. The base notes are very light with a soft musk and vanilla but the fragrance stays sweet until the end.

I am giving away my bottle of Selena Gomez perfume, click here for details.

See the Selena Gomez perfume page for details on where you can buy it online.

46 Responses to Selena Gomez Perfume Review

  • 60scinema says:

    I know you didn’t really want to say it, but…I think the bottle is insanely tacky. Another boring fruity floral from a young celebrity. Meh.
    I’m working on my tag video now too ;)

  • Lindy says:

    Avril Lavein has some fragrances out that are sold at Khols here in the states. I don’t think I spelled her last name correctlyz. I think that they are called BLack Star and Dark Rose. Jessica Simpson has one out that is called Vintage Bloom. I think that it is her most recent. It’s a beautiful bottle. By the way I am RADIANCE78. I comment on your really cool videos on youtube.

    • Katrina says:

      Hi Lindy, Thank you so much for checking out my website and for your comments. I haven’t tried the Avril Lavigne perfumes – are they good?

  • RADIANCE78 says:

    I don’t think the bottle is tacky. I think it’s cute. I have never smelled this fragrance, but I am fairly certain that it is ok. We have to remember that this fragrance is geared towards a younger crowd. I can see this being appealing to that age group. Celebrity scents are not always boring. There not any more boring and predictable than any other fragrance line.

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    Its a perfume for girls so you’re definitely not in the target market for this one! Its not so much a fruity floral but a fruity shampoo and the girls will love it. I’m going to be diplomatic and say the bottle is both cute and tacky at the same time but I happen to love tacky :)

    Still watching out for that tag video!

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    I think they did a good job creating a sweet fragrance for girls that like sweet fragrances. YAY for celebrity scents!! You are right they follow trends just like every other line – there are plenty of sweet and fruity designer scents on the shelves.

  • 60scinema says:

    I just posted it. Tell me what you think ;)

  • Amelia Parker says:

    I love Selena. She is an amazing, inspirational person to young girl who is an awesome actress and singer.

  • Jr Araquel says:

    The reason I like Selena is her love to her fans. She is not a mean rude celebrity. Not only she has a great personality she has a great voice she sing very good I am one of her fans and I just adore her. Another reason is she has a great attitude she is serious when it comes to work. That’s why she was names Woman of the Year by glamour magazine and she is only 20 years old. Well that is why I like Selena Gomez. Thanks haha hope I win

  • snowcake16 says:

    Wow the bottle is :/

  • JAY R says:

    I wish to win those one. Exciding.

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    Yeah it really is!

  • fragrancecrazed says:

    This smells like the little yellow and green pineapple lollies we have here in Australia. I think this isn’t a very mature perfume, it is probably best for preteens. Not a big fan of this.

  • fragrancecrazed says:

    Also, I might add it was such a gorgeous gesture to let the fans pick some of the notes. She’s such a gorgeous, kind person. Good on her!

  • Taylor Morfea says:

    you can buy it from priceline in Australia..

  • becauselaugh says:

    Do you like this perfume? I really one to buy it but I can’t smell it, so It’s gonna be a blind buy, but do you use it for daytime like everyday scent or for special days.. ? :)

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    I haven’t seen it in my local Priceline but is on their website – thanks for the tip!

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    I loved those pineapple lollies as a kid and the milk bottle ones too! This perfume is definitely for teens or younger. What age are kids starting to wear perfume these days?

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    Also a great way to build the excitement of a new perfume rather than just announcing the fragrance notes. She seems like a sweet girl.

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    I don’t wear this perfume, in fact I gave my bottle away. It is a very sweet perfume and because of that I can’t imagine wanting to wear it everyday.

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    After reading your comment about Shakira S Florale being too sweet I think you should not buy this one – it is super sweet.

  • becauselaugh says:

    Thank you so much… I bought the Lady Gaga Fame instead and I like it a lot. :)

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    That’s great. Good choice!

  • Kiva Bieber says:

    Selena has no fans well if you count 2 year olds who watch Disney channel

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    I’ve got to admit I haven’t seen any of her work – just hanging out with the Biebster!

  • sherrywijaya69 says:

    whic bottle is taller? rebl fleur or this?

  • cance7984 says:

    Agreed. I did not care for this one at all.

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    I think Selena Gomez is taller but I don’t have the large Reb’l Fleur so I’ll have to check next time I see it in the shop.

  • PerfumeManiac101 says:

    on the voting thing. I voted for apple, pink jasmine, and vanilla. I wish she added apple in this scent. I hope she will put apple in her 3rd scent. :) + great review!

  • Moshimomo4 says:

    Cool hi I’m from Australia too :)

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    Yay Aussie! thanks for watching.

  • SelenatorDespina says:

    Well I really love the fragrance !!! :) Can you tell me more about it please ?

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    What do you want to know??

  • Alex says:

    love selena and her perfume its smell beautiful.Big fan of selena on her own.She is amazing

  • cance7984 says:

    Will you, by any chance, be reviewing her next fragrance “Vivamore”? :-)

  • Justin Inman says:

    I went it so bad

  • rosiebestfriend says:

    I have got a question is it in Australia now

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    Hello, Yes it is in Australia now. You can get it at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and probably other discount pharmacies.

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    You should get it then, why not?

  • CelebrityPerfume says:

    I hope so but it so long for this one to reach Australia, it might be a while …

  • rosiebestfriend says:

    How much is the perfume

  • Justin Inman says:

    I went it so bad

  • Justin Inman says:

    Iam a big fan of her

  • Dorie says:

    I bought the bottle from target as a Christmas present and it was EMPTY!! yes EMPTY!! I have never had this happen before and couldn’t believe it. It did not leak out because there was not a drop of liquid in the bottle nor could you smell the fragrance in the box. Although of this incident the perfume does smell really good and the bottle may be impractical but its for a girl so of course its girly.

  • Selenalove25 says:

    Please give me the perfume im a selenator please please

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